Which lane would you choose?

Travel through Serbia without delays for road tolls!

OPTIMUS KOM doo is the exclusive distributor for postpaid electronic toll collection for drivers and transporters from

Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania.

With an agreement for postpaid electronic toll collection – ETC, you receive TAG devices for your vehicles and drive worriless!

Submit your request for postpaid ETC!
No delays at toll booths!

You pass through specially designated traffic lanes without stopping, with a TAG device for a contactless toll collection!

Drive 30 days, pay at the 40th!

With postpaid billing, you receive the invoice for the current month in the next one.

All at one place and without complex procedures!

You get a detailed monthly invoice, and you avoid cash payment expenses in Serbia.

Easier cost planning!

Better track record and toll cost planning according your needs.

Easier refund of VAT!

All procedures and documents for returning the collected VAT from tolls in Serbia are provided by us!

There is no need for stopping and engaging into on-site payment procedures for tolls

The postpaid toll collection has made our operations easier and has reduced our costs.

All payments through invoice, with a detailed account for the paid tolls!