Transportation companies from the countries in the region – R. Macedonia, R. Turkey, R. Greece, R. Albania and R. Bulgaria, who have shown interest in obtaining a TAG device for postpaid electronic payment of tolls in R. Serbia need to make the following steps:

– Sign an agreement with OPTIMUS KOM;

– provide a guarantee within the amount they normally spend as means of paying tolls for a period of 40 days (bank guarantee or cash deposit);

– submit a specification with the registration numbers of their vehicles and ID number of their TAG device already in use and configured for the prepaid system;

– If they do not have a TAG device, they can purchase a new one for the price of 20 Euros in Denars counterpart  (payed upon  purchasing);

– If they possess TAG devices configured for the prepaid system, they will receive new ones configured for postpaid, while returning the old ones and therefore will not be charged for the amount of 20 Euro per TAG device when receiving the new ones;

– The TAG device is delivered to the company’s address within 5 days after the payment of the Invoice;

– After the completion of the month the company receives the Invoice from OPTIMUS KOM including a detailed specification for their vehicles directly issued by the system of Roads of Serbia (with the amount stated in Dinars), and due for payment within 2 (two) days (the invoice delivery is by e-mail and by courier in hard copy).