What is postpaid ETC?

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is a modern model of contactless toll payment using TAG devices for the appropriate category of vehicles.

The postpaid system enables payment upon realization, i.e. payment of the tolls from the current month in the next one.

Where and how to get the TAG devices for contactless toll payment?

If a legal person wants to become a user of the postpaid ETC, it should enter into an agreement with OPTIMUS KOM. Based on the agreement, it will receive an invoice for the amount of 20 EUR per TAG device, after payment of which, the TAG devices will be sent and delivered to the given address by registered mail.

What if I already have a TAG device in the prepaid system?

If you have TAG devices configured in the prepaid system, they are replaced with new ones configured for postpaid. You will need to return your prepaid TAG devices when receiving new ones and you will not be charged with an amount of 20 Euro per TAG device.

How many days it takes to get the TAG devices after signing the agreement?

The TAG devices are received within 5 days from the date of payment of the invoice, at your address.

How do we set up / use the tag device?

Open the link Instructions for installation of TAG devices  or/and Instructions for using TAG devices

Can TAG devices be used for other vehicles?

TAG devices that are configured for the first category – passenger vehicles can be used on different vehicles i.e. regardless of ownership and vehicle registration number, for all other categories the device is not transferable.